Is Alexa The Next Evolution of Seasonal Spending

Once upon a time, there was Black Friday. The real kind, when deal-seekers queued up in predawn hours for a chance to take part in a one-day frenzy of sales promotions. Then came Cyber Monday, and in-store holiday shopping began to shift slowly to online storefronts. Fast forward to 2017, and deals are no longer […]

Why We All Hate Google+

If you’re like many people online, you have a love/hate relationship with Google+.On one hand, you might not be a huge fan of the platform because it’s another social network to manage. On the flipside, Google is the top player in the search engine world. Any time you and your business can do something to […]

Do People Still Read Blogs?

We know what you’re thinking, blogging is just for crafty moms or college students studying abroad. But the truth is that blogging, and content marketing for that matter, has dramatically changed. In 2017, blogs are now utilized by major companies to increase web traffic, stabilize SEO and engage with customers. Blogs have become the daily digest […]

Facebook’s New Analytics Dashboard

Two years after its initial introduction Facebook is renaming “Analytics for Apps” as “Facebook Analytics”. Using the revamped, all-in-one Facebook Analytics, a business could now track when a Page post leads people to contact the Page’s Messenger bot, leads people to visit the brand’s site, then leads people to buy a product in a brand’s […]

Where’s the ROI in Content Marketing?

Content Marketing can be incredibly powerful, but your success hinges on quality execution and diligent measurement so you can continually iterate to improve your content marketing results. When you’re looking at establishing a baseline for how your content marketing efforts are performing and communicating your content marketing ROI to your executive team, there are five key […]