Case Studies

Now more than ever, it's hugely important for businesses to strengthen their digital presence in order to stay ahead of competitors. But using and correctly executing modern marketing strategies can be incredibly difficult to navigate without outside help.

That's where RightNow comes in. We're experts at what we do and we love to help our clients succeed. Just have a look at our case studies below to see how we've been able to help a variety of customers maximize profits and grow their brand.

Inbound Marketing Programs
what are they and how do we determine their success?

For starters, a free consultation from us is really the best way to get a full understanding of what a program entails; however, below is a high level overview:

  • Discovery – Learn about your business and your aspirations.
  • Education – we work with you to understand the difference between inbound and outbound and all the techniques available to help you succeed.
  • Strategy – We develop a marketing strategy utilizing many inbound marketing methods to put in place a plan to help you meet your goals and objectives.
  • Implementation – We do all the heavy lifting as we begin utilizing these strategies and techniques to move your brand forward.
  • Analytics – We check analytics to see if what is being done is working or not and then re-evaluate and repeat.


CASE STUDY: Accutome 
• Increase Organic Traffic (Organic is traffic 
  generated by someone searching for a product      or service in Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.)
• Increase eComm Sales
• Increase Overall Site Traffic
  (All site traffic to the site)

• Created an industry related blog that amplifies     
   brand and acts as traffic and conversion driver to
   eComm site

CASE STUDY: Artsaics 
• Using social media and search engine optimized     
   web site - able to generate 231 leads in 5 months!

CASE STUDY: Premier Safety Partners 
• Increase Brand Awareness to B2B clients in
  industrial vertical via content, paid search and 
  social posts

CASE STUDY: Applied Technologies 
• Rebrand of 20 year old technical services company with multi-pronged approach to lead-gen

CASE STUDY: Adler MicroMed 
•  New medical company to market. Developed
    industry related content to fuel SEO