Our Approach


At RightNow Inbound marketing we use a methodology for promoting products and services called Inbound Marketing.
The first component of Inbound marketing centers around attracting strangers to your business. We do this through a variety of tactics such as elevating your company's visibility the major search engines, promoting your business through social media channels and increasing your market footprint.


Once prospects have visited your site either through search engines, blogging or social media, we help convert these strangers to engaged visitors.
We do this by developing articles, videos, infographics and other components that deliver highly relevant content to visitors on a consistent basis. 
This communication helps educate future customers until they are ready to purchase your product or service.


As you filter out your prospects, your next step is to convert them into leads. During this phase, prospects act on their need, want or desire for your product or services and ask for more information. At this point, depending on where the lead is in the sales cycle, he or she may quickly decide to purchase and become a customer, or it may take a little nurturing before the lead decides to do business with you.
Attract, Engage and Convert Infographic
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