Our team help's brands explore what’s new to inspire what’s next.

Paul J. Walsh


Our resident swiss army knife. Anything that needs to get done Paul has the pulse on it from all aspects.​

Whether video design and production, art direction, web design and production, social media, and most of all the research to find the next best thing to help our clients!

Our leader and invaluable to the team and all of our clients this guy can do it all, just don’t ask him to read the menu at lunch if he forgot his glasses!

Jim Faulknor


If you don’t like the looks of this mug, well then maybe we’re not right for you because this is the first face you’ll meet!

Our marketing strategist and account manager, he’s with you every step of the way along your journey!

Schedule a discovery meeting with him today so we can get to know your business and give you the tools to get your business rolling with wheels of fortune – Oh and while you are at it ask him how he fared on his episode of “Wheel of Fortune”

Damien Aviles

Chief Technology Officer

Crackerjack programmer! Tai Chi Champ! This guy never saw a project he couldn’t handle – or a crackerjack!

He can put it down with the best of them and his skills are second to none! Keep your eye on the prize because he will deliver!

Alex Vaughn

SEO Chief

He’s the master of analytics and SEO  – where does he store all that knowledge...

As Mars Blackman said in the famous Michael Jordan commercials….money, it’s got to be the shoes!

No Mars, it's got to be the BEARD!

Jen O'Keefe

Art Director

The newest member to the team, this graphic designer and social media specialist gets better and more confident every day! Helping the machine run smoothly she certainly has taken to the idealogy of getting things done RIGHTNOW.

A big fan of live music, especially when her boyfriend is playing, you may see her at local night spots in Babylon!

Chris Olsen

Application Developer

The fixer. Everyone needs one. Can this be done? Sure. Has he ever said no?

The guru of complex servers, programming and more, he’s our internal “Ray Donovan!”

Elliott Curry

Content Creator

Just as an artist drafts majestic mountains with paint-stained brushes, Elliott employs a vast lexicon to cast vivid verbal imagery and communicate brand messages.

As a content writer, he has produced more than 2,500 digital and print publications across a wide array of industries, both B2B and B2C.