Retargeting & Remarketing

Remarketing and retargeting campaigns provide your business with a unique opportunity to create targeted ads that are displayed only to users who have been to your home page or specific pages on your site. This type of campaign keeps your brand in front of prospects long after they have left your website, which is hugely valuable in today’s fast-moving digital

Part Creepy, Part Genius

The RightNow Inbound can help you develop a retargeting strategy that will reignite the interest of these prospects and move them down the marketing funnel. From audience segmentation to writing ad copy and designing creatives, we ensure your campaign is optimized for conversions.

Platform Expertise

RightNow has managed several of the leading platforms such as  Google AdWords and AdRoll, along with more strategic platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. We guide our clients into selecting the best platforms for their needs and incorporate proven conversion methods into your overall campaign strategy.

Creative Optimization

A successful remarketing campaign strategy starts with a strong offer that attracts attention. We can help you identify the most effective offers to promote to your target audience. Our design experts then help develop creative ads that drive more clicks.

Audience Segmentation

We configure your audience segmentation to target prospects with different ads and offers, based on their specific interests and pain points. This customizes the ad experience for each member of your target audience and drives conversions by ensuring your ad is relevant to them.

Landing Page Tactics

Linking your retargeting ad to a customized landing page is a great way to maximize lead generation. Our design team can create customized landing pages for your offers by incorporating proven best practices and conversion-driving elements into their design.

Reporting & Analysis

It’s important for you to know which ads and ad channels are providing the most conversions for your business. We incorporate URL tracking into each of your remarketing ads using Google Tag Manager or UTM tracking. We also track the flow into your marketing automation and sales CRM systems for full lead attribution.