Video For Inbound Marketing

You understand that content is what attracts prospects to your website. What if you could make your marketing even more effective? Incorporating video content into your content strategy can add significant lift to your marketing results.

We Improve Your Video Marketing With Data

Online video is an essential for any organization – and for good reason. It has the ability to take the viewer somewhere, show them something, and introduce them to someone they may not otherwise know. Couple this with its ability to convert website visitors into qualified sales leads – it's no wonder so many organizations are turning to video.

Corporate/Business Identity Video

We believe that people deserve to hear your story. There’s more to your business than just what are your products and services. People need to know why you do what you do. They want to connect with you and build a relationship with you and there’s only so much that written content and photos can do to connect on an emotional level. This is why video is so powerful.

E-Commerce Product Videos

Product demo videos or e-commerce videos showcase your products and present viewers with a clear idea and details exactly how your product works.These videos are especially helpful to show how your products move and function. Video provides an ideal environment for displaying your product’s functionalities.

Explainer & Animated Videos

Explainer & Animated videos are perfect for any kind of business. When you have information, a special process or statistical data that needs to be presented in a concise and easy to grasp format, Explainer and Animated videos are an ideal format.

Customer Testimonial Videos

79 percent of consumers trust testimonial videos. Compliments and positive words from clients translated into customer case studies and testimonial videos are some of the most powerful videos that you can create. People listen to what others have to say about your business more than what you have to say.You can leverage these testimonial videos featuring your client’s success stories on your corporate YouTube page, lead nurturing campaigns, and any page on your website.

Video Content Marketing

Video content marketing videos are a perfect complement business blogging. Video blogging or video content marketing videos help attract leads to your website, build relationships with your viewers, educate your ideal prospects and is an extremely effective sales tool.

Lead Nurturing Video Production

Using video lead nurturing videos helps create relationships, build trust and increase your sales. Video lead nurturing campaigns leverage video which is 4 times as engaging than written content. Not to mention a 64% increase in a prospect’s likelihood to purchase from you after watching a video. Move your prospects through your sales funnel by educating, and building trust, faster and at a more efficient rate.