White Papers, eBooks & Case Studies

Turn website visitors into actionable leads with high-quality white papers,  ebooks and case studies that fit your business and brand.

Premium Content That Establishes a Sense of Trust in the Buyer's Journey

However, producing high-quality white papers, case studies, and ebooks requires a significant amount of time and research. Once you have come up with the content, you need to lay it out in a compelling and well-designed format. At RightNow Inbound, we have considerable expertise in researching, creating, designing, and promoting all types of premium content assets. Our services will help you generate high quality leads and nurture them down the marketing funnel until they become customers.

White Paper Writing

A white paper is an excellent method of generating leads, demonstrating thought leadership in your field, educating prospects, and convincing them to do business with your B2B company. At RightNow we handle every aspect of white paper creation, including the initial research, writing, design, and promotion.

Case Study Development

Case Studies are one of the best ways you can turn those on-the-fence prospects into customers. RightNow can create case study templates, interview your existing customers, and build out a library of great case studies that convert leads into customers.

eBook Writing

eBooks have become an essential piece of any inbound marketing campaign and are one of the best tools for generating new leads for both B2B or B2C companies. We can partner with you to identify compelling topics, create powerful ebooks, and promote those ebooks through both organic and paid channels.